Catherine Shinn is a designer/maker whom for the past 4 decades has continued her families business of the last 5 generations. 

Making, selling, restoring and sourcing antiques and all kinds of original and traditional items, specialising in textiles of every description. 

Over the years Catherine has amassed a wealth of stock, skills and experience which are put to use daily in a miriad of ways from the making of film props to Christmas decorations. Undertaking comissions for collectors, companies, events, theaters, shops, museums, films and telivision. 

Catherine prides herself on providing the obscure or producing a replica for the most esoteric of requirements.

She believes you have to be a collector first and foremost "we love the products we supply and hope to pass on our enthusiasm and know-how to others."

Please contact with any queries, questions or comissions, we are always delighted to assist in any way we can.


After Gaining an honors degree in Fashion and Textiles from Bristol University Catherine worked in London in the 80's starting her career at Heraz a company specialising in Antique textiles in Motcombe street in Belgravia. In 1988 she opened her first shop Catherine Shinn Decorative Textiles in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. From there she supplied textiles to films, collectors, shops, museums, country houses all over the world, royalty and celebrities.

We started supplying props and textiles for Merchant Ivory films and have continued ever since supplying many of the most popular historical dramas over the subsequent decades, most notably The English Patient, Gladiator, Restoration, The duchess, Kingdom of Heaven. Telivison series like Downton Abbey and Taboo. More recently we have supplied BBC's A Christmas Carol and His Dark Materials, Starz Outlander, Disney Cinderella and are currently working on both a Netflix and an Amazon production.


We have undertaken restoration and repairs of varied antique textiles over the years for priavte collections, contry houses and museums.


We enjoy being surrounded by everyday triditional objects of the past. The stories and crastmanship of these pieces gives them a charm that makes them appealing to a new generation of collectors.


We have an extensive archive of antique and vintage european textiles and trimmings. Embrodiered, woven, stitched, printed, silks, brocades, damasks, velvets, linens and cottons are all usedto produce unique and original pieces.


Our Christmas Decorations are handmade traditional one offs. 

Many are glass ornaments made by the descendents of the glass-blowers who made the decorations for Victoria & Albert's first christmas tree. Every ornament has its own tale to tell, whether its from folk-lore, nature, mythology, pagan superstitions or the nativity. Some are even once famous figures from the past now long forgotten. Together they tell a story of European Culture.

Each decoration is to be treasured and handeddown as a family heir-loom.